Bobby Bones

Bobby Shared the Show Member’s Celebrity Lookalikes

When talking on The Bobby Bones Show, Bobby Bones often asks people to describe the person they’re talking about. He wants them to describe what celebrity the person closely resembles. Most people have a hard time coming up with a

Someone Had to Eat a Hot Dog Flavored Candy Cane

The Bobby Bones Show studio started smelling after today’s (January 13) spin the wheel challenge. Someone had to eat an entire hot dog flavored candy cane. On the practice spin, Raymundo was chosen. Fortunately for him it was just a practice

These Are the First 3 CDs Bobby Bones Ever Purchased

The Bobby Bones Show was having some nostalgia today (January 12). Bobby Bones was talking about the first three CDs he remembers purchasing at a mall. While walking down memory lane, Bones recalled the AC/DC, Mariah Carey, and Garth Brooks CDs he purchased. When