Bobby Bones

Abby Got Message About Gig For $50,000

Abby got a message and she’s not sure if it’s a scam or possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to her! Abby came to Eddie and needed his advice about a DM she got on Instagram. The message was

Bobby Bones Show Nominated For ACM Award

The Bobby Bones Show is nominated for an ACM Award for National Daily On-Air Personality of The Year! It’s important to Bobby Bones that everyone who works on the show gets acknowledged. Everyone else who was nominated in the category

Things We Are Offended By Right Now

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shard what they are offended by right now. Find out below! Eddie – He read through some comments on Instagram, and someone called him weird. He’s been called a lot of things, but never

Bobby’s Dog Stanley Is Limping Again

Yesterday, Bobby Bones took his dog, Stanley, out in the morning to go to the bathroom and then he came back into the house, and everything was fine. When Bones came back home after work, he saw Stanley had