Bobby Bones

Abby Booked Rooftop Gig From Lunchbox’s Connection

Abby is going to have a big weekend because she is doing her first gig at the Lou/Na Rooftop at The Grand Hyatt hotel in downtown Nashville, from Lunchbox’s connection! She’s super excited for it, and since Taylor Swift’s tour is in Nashville this

Amy Has Huge Money Mixup With Work

Amy had to send an invoice to work and that was $210. She then got an email from the accounting department at work telling her they would need a W-9 and a little more information about her $2,100

Eddie’s Son Passed Written Driving Test

Eddie’s 15-year-old son just passed his written driver’s test. Eddie was able to be the proctor for the exam, but he didn’t just pass him because he’s his son, he made sure he really knew what he was