Bobby Bones

Amy Had Major Slip At Her House

Amy is feeling a little sore after having a major slip at her house. Her friend was over, and they were working out together and needed little hand and ankle weights. Amy remembered where they were and was

Lunchbox Shares Update On His, Bobby, & Amy’s Stocks

Lunchbox shared an update on how his, Bobby Bones and Amy’s stocks are doing! In total they’ve put in $720, and they’ve bought a full share of Nvidia. Right now, they are at $697 plus 34. Their full investment in NVIDIA, they’ve made 5.5%

Bobby Bones Sings “Tuesday Song”

Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots wrote the “Tuesday Song” a while back because no one likes Tuesdays and found that every day has a song besides Tuesday. Now listeners of The Bobby Bones Show call in wanting to hear it