Bobby Bones

Abby Shares How She Met New Boyfriend

Abby updated the Bobby Bones Show on her new relationship! She met her new boyfriend on Hinge. He lives in Nashville, and they started talking in early November and went on a few dates, one of them lasting 6 hours!

Lunchbox Has New ATM Business Idea for Show

Lunchbox proposed a new business idea for members of The Bobby Bones Show to invest in. He found a man on TikTok who used to be a cop and for a side hustle, he bought an ATM. He ended up making so

Lunchbox Thinks Morgan Is Secretly Engaged

Lunchbox thinks Morgan is secretly engaged and had picture evidence to try and prove it. He saw her wearing a ring on her engagement finger and took a picture of it to try and “prove” she was hiding that she’s engaged.