Bobby Bones

Draft of the Best Christmas Movies

The Bobby Bones Show’s drafts are going strong! Today’s draft (December 15) was a draft of the best Christmas movies! The show had to pick Best Christmas Movies: Raymundo’s picks: Round 1: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Round 2: Miracle on 34th

Awkward Drama at Our Company Christmas Company

Every year, iHeartRadio in Nashville puts on a company Christmas party, which includes the Bobby Bones Show. Some of the show members went to the party, which consisted of food, drinks, games, and Christmas carolers. Lunchbox, Morgan, Scuba Steve, and Phone Screener

Bobby Bones’ Top 5 TV Shows of 2021

2021 brought lots of new things, and several of them were awesome TV shows. We haven’t been able to stop bingeing, especially since all of the different platforms are competing to put out the best possible content. The