Bobby Bones

Amy Found Out Lunchbox Did Something Shady

Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots’ Million Dollar Show happened the other night, and side stories of behind-the-scenes drama from that night have started to come out when Amy revealed she caught Lunchbox doing something shady there. Before the show, they had a

Lunchbox & Morgan Share Crazy Uber Interactions

Lunchbox and Morgan both shared crazy Uber rides they recently took. Lunchbox took an Uber home after the Million Dollar Show at The Ryman and noticed his driver keep taking his hands off the wheel because he was jamming to the music. He

Behavior Therapist Shares Her Opinions on Lunchbox

Listener Krista is a behavioral therapist who called into the Bobby Bones Show to share some comments about Lunchbox. She thinks he would benefit from a behavior contract to help increase his appropriate behavior and decrease his negative comments. In the contract,