Bobby Bones

Eddie & Morgan Ask the Show Medical Advice

Morgan and Eddie had some medical questions and they wanted advice from the Bobby Bones Show and Doctor Bobby Bones. Morgan thinks she got bitten by a spider and is concerned. It’s at the top of her leg and it looks like a

Bobby Bones Show Pitches Investment Ideas

The members of The Bobby Bones Show all found items online for purchase that they pitched for everyone to invest in. Amy – Antique 19th Century vampire slaying kit. She thinks it will be worth more when the end of

Bobby Bones Show Shares Some Fun Facts

The members of The Bobby Bones Show share a new fun and interesting fact every Friday! Find out if you knew these ones below: Bobby Bones – Bob Ross made 1,143 paintings during his career on PBS. The majority of

Amy Left Car Running When She Got To Work

An hour into the Bobby Bones Show, Amy ran out to the parking lot because she was informed that she had left her car running. It is a hybrid, so it wasn’t wasting gas and started to run on electric.

Eddie Thinks He’s More Famous Than Lunchbox

Everyone on the Bobby Bones Show doesn’t understand Lunchbox’s fascination with fame and how he believes he’s one of the most famous people in Nashville. Last week, it was Eddie’s son’s birthday, so he picked him up some lunch and they

Amy Had Major Slip At Her House

Amy is feeling a little sore after having a major slip at her house. Her friend was over, and they were working out together and needed little hand and ankle weights. Amy remembered where they were and was

Lunchbox Shares Update On His, Bobby, & Amy’s Stocks

Lunchbox shared an update on how his, Bobby Bones and Amy’s stocks are doing! In total they’ve put in $720, and they’ve bought a full share of Nvidia. Right now, they are at $697 plus 34. Their full investment in NVIDIA, they’ve made 5.5%