Bobby Bones

Eddie Wants To Be Done With This Mexican Tradition

Eddie thinks he is done with a Mexican tradition he’s been doing his entire life, which is hitting a piñata. Ever since he was a little kid there would be a piñata at every type of celebration. The tradition was to fill

Bobby Shares Rejected Segments From The Past Month

Bobby Bones shared rejected segments that didn’t make The Bobby Bones Show from the past month. They were rejected because they were either dangerous, hurtful, boring, or they could get people fired. Below are the top five rejected segments: Lunchbox wanted

Lunchbox Says He Got A Call From IRS

Lunchbox has a history of wanting to write everything off as a work tax expense. His idea is if he talks about it on The Bobby Bones Show, it should be considered a work expense and he can write it

The Reason Why Eggs Are a Thing at Easter

Amy’s son, Stevenson, was asking questions about Easter and wanted to know why eggs are involved in the holiday. The entire Bobby Bones Show didn’t know the reason why, so they looked it up and found some pretty interesting answers.

Lunchbox’s Altima Might Be in a Movie

Lunchbox’s 2005 Altima might be in a movie that is being filmed in Nashville. Someone on Instagram hit him up saying they are filming in his neighborhood, and they are looking for older cars from the 2000s to set