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How Michael B. Jordan Gained 24 Pounds of Muscle for “Creed”

Barry Wetcher/Warner Bros.(SAN DIEGO) — It’s Michael B. Jordan like you’ve never seen him. In the recently released trailer of the Fruitvale star’s new film Creed, he’s showing off some serious muscle. At Comic-Con with his Fantastic Four co-star Kate Mara, Jordan revealed to E! News how he got

Why Did Paul Rudd Decide to Play “Ant-Man?”

Buena Vista(NEW YORK) — Comic actor Paul Rudd may seem like an unusual choice for the superhero lead in Marvel’s new action adventure, Ant-Man. But Rudd thinks that’s exactly what filmmakers were going for. “Marvel seems to have this history

Intruders Rob Chris Brown's Home

Image Courtesy Eliot Lee Hazel/RCA Records(LOS ANGELES) — Chris Brown’s Los Angeles-area house was hit by home invaders early Wednesday morning. Chris wasn’t home at the time, but his aunt was, according to the LAPD.  She was

Corey Stoll Wanted to Be Bad in “Ant-Man”

Buena Vista(LOS ANGELES) — Actor Corey Stoll has appeared in movies like Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, as well as The Bourne Legacy, and on TV shows including The Strain and Homeland, but he gets his chance to shine in theaters Friday as a