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Jennie Garth Bans High Heels from Upcoming Wedding

Charles Sykes/Bravo(NEW YORK) — What will Jennie Garth be most concerned about at her upcoming wedding to actor David Abrams? “I want people to be comfortable. That’s my priority,” she told ABC News. “No uncomfortable clothing. No high heels!” Garth and Abrams

“Tangled” Is Headed to the Small Screen

Disney/Buena Vista(LOS ANGELES) — Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi are back in the upcoming Tangled animated series that was announced Wednesday. The two actors, who voiced leading roles in the 2010 hit movie, will be back as Rapunzel and Eugene, according to the

Why Goldie Hawn Never Married Kurt Russell

Kevin Winter/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) — Goldie Hawn has been with Kurt Russell for more than three decades, but the two have famously never tied the knot. That’s because, says Hawn, the relationship itself is more important than taking vows. “A lasting

“Entourage” Opens Nationwide Wednesday

Claudette Barius/Warner Bros.(NEW YORK) — After a long wait, Vincent Chase and his posse are back Wednesday in the film adaptation of the 2004-2011 HBO series Entourage. In the new story, movie star Vincent, played by Adrian Grenier, is