Pet of the Week

It’s Fursday: Meet Maxx!

We’d love to introduce you to Maxx, who is a chubby senior feline who loves to chat! If you want a cat you can converse with, he’s your guy! Maxx is an attractive cat with captivating eyes

It’s Fursday: Meet Pewter

This one year old feline is named Pewter and he’s super chill! He has big beautiful yellow eyes. He loves people and affection and doesn’t seem to be very bothered by other cats. Pewter’s adoption $100. Set

It’s Fursday: Meet Ronnie Meowke!

Ronnie is a two year old male cat who has the sweetest personality. He absolutely loves attention, being petted, and snuggle time. He does need some adjustment time when coming into a new home before he shows

It’s Fursday: Meet Kratt!

Kratt is a young adult male rabbit and he loves to snack! He will happily munch all day long. He came in as a stray but is very social and friendly. Kratt loves to free roam and

It’s Fursday: Meet Lyla

Lyla is a very sweet one year old feline who loves attention! She is a typically quite kitty but will let you know when she wants more pets. She is a fan of just sitting around and

It’s Fursday: Meet Spot!

Spot is a 10 month old pointer mix who is absolutely brimming with energy! He’s a very happy pup who’s even bilingual: He knows some basic commands in English and Lakota! Spot does well with other dogs

It’s Fursday: Meet Fox!

Fox is a senior feline at 9 years old and he is a big fan of cuddling and snuggling. He would love to curl up and watch a movie or TV show with you. Fox doesn’t mind

It’s Fursday: Meet Bolt

Bolt is a 1.5 year old German Shepherd/Lab Mix with a heart of gold! He’s very smart and active, and LOVES to play fetch. He will even carry a tennis ball around in his mouth waiting for

It’s Fursday! Meet Kierra!

Kierra is an older gal who’s very sweet and like to spend her time snuggled into her favorite cat bed and sleep but is always down for a good petting session. She prefers quiet time over loud

It’s Fursday: Meet Luna!

Luna is a 13 year old feline who is currently the oldest resident at the Humane Society but she certainly doesn’t act like it! She is very curious and loves to explore new places, as well as,