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by Ian Rambo posted Jun 27 2014 2:04PM
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman celebrated their eighth anniversary Wednesday (June 25) in Melbourne, Australia, and Keith happened to have a concert that night. So he did indeed give Nicole a super-sweet shout-out in the middle of the show. And yes, Nicole was there.

In fact, Keith told the crowd a story about Nicole having cold feet a month or two before the wedding. So Keith did what he does best -- he wrote her a song.

It was called "Once in a Lifetime." Apparently it helped calm Nicole's insecurities because, well, they're married, aren't they?

Keith played that song Wednesday night and dedicated it to Nicole. He said, "Eight years, baby girl, this is for you tonight my love; I love you so much."
by The Big Show posted Jun 23 2014 12:49PM
Trent and Adam talked with Joe Nichols:
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by Ian Rambo posted Jun 16 2014 3:47PM
For most of the Summer "blockbuster" movies this year, I haven't been able to see them on opening weekend; however, I did get to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 over the weekend, so here are my thoughts on it:

It's always hard for a sequel to be as good if not better than an original movie, but HTTYD2 is right up there. Overall, I thought it was a great movie. It's got a great story and character development, and, most importantly, is very entertaining.

It's a great movie to take the whole family to. If you're looking to take a date, depending on their sensitivity, there are a couple of scenes that could make them tear up a bit.

Check out the first 5 minutes of the movie:
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by Ian Rambo posted Jun 10 2014 1:38PM
This list of the 10 biggest D-Bags in Country Music comes from LA Weekly. They do provide some decent reasons for some being on the list, not just teenage pokes and jabs like "Their hair is terrible" or "They don't dress right." I think their argument for why Dan + Shay made the list is the best. Here's their Top 10 D-Bags in Country:

10. Toby Keith
9. Charles Kelly from Lady A
8. Dan + Shay
7. Garth Brooks
6. Jerrod Niemann
5. Taylor Swift
4. Kenny Chesney
3. Florida-Georgia Line
2. Luke Bryan
1. Rascal Flatts

You can see their list and reasons why these artists made the list and why some others didn't (Hunter Hayes & Keith Urban were left off because they can both "really shred on guitar") HERE.
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