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by Ian Rambo posted May 7 2014 4:42PM
People who are good with money know that being cheap often ends up costing you MORE in the long run.  Here's a list of 13 times when you should pay extra for quality, in order to SAVE money later.
  1. Cookware.  Cheap pots and pans don't last, and they don't cook well.  You might pay several times as much for expensive pots, but they'll last forever.
  2. Car maintenance.  Cars break down a lot earlier if you don't take care of them.  You can save thousands a year by making a car last longer, and you can also sell it for more later, if you can show you've done all the recommended maintenance.
  3. Furniture.  Solid wood furniture lasts just about forever.  With cheap furniture, you're lucky to make it through the first month.
  4. Knives.  The cheap ones lose their edge right away.  Quality knives stay sharp longer, and you can keep sharpening them for a lifetime.
  5. Hair conditioner.  Cheap shampoo is okay, but cheap conditioner can be worse than none at all.
  6. Shoes.  Quality shoes pay for themselves by lasting longer.  But cheap shoes can be extremely expensive if they cause foot problems because they don't fit well.
  7. Paint.  Cheap paint doesn't cover as well, so you end up using two coats.  Two gallons of cheap paint cost more than one gallon of good paint...and it takes more than twice as long to put on two coats, because you'll wait for the first coat to dry.
  8.  Clothing.  If you're dressing for fashion, you can wear anything because you only need it to last for a few months.  For classic stuff like hoodies and sport coats, spend more and keep it as long as possible.
  9. Exterior housing materials.  Siding, shingles, paint and windows should all be high quality.  Especially if you live in a place where it rains a lot.
  10. Blenders.  You can get any old blender for $15, but the blades and the motor won't last.  Especially if you're into smoothies or frozen margaritas.
  11. Children's toys.  Wooden blocks and durable toys like Legos will actually be around long enough for your kids to outgrow them.  Most toys off the shelf at big box stores are pretty much built to break on the day after Christmas.
  12. Bed sheets.  The cheap ones get uncomfortable after a few washes, and they lose their color quickly. 
  13. Energy efficiency upgrades.  Pay more for good windows and modern appliances.  They'll pay for themselves in savings on your utility bill within a few years, and they'll last for 15 years or more.
by Ian Rambo posted May 5 2014 11:08AM
Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, and James McAvoy (or Magneto, Wolverine, and Professor X) apparently made the X-Men Days of Future Past set incredibly fun to be on.

"Michael is one of those actors you had to coax out of the trailer. He'll wait in there for hours and hours – he's very difficult, very ornery on set," Jackman joked. "So there was really only one song [that would get him to come out], and I used to get the sound guy to play it very loud in the studio as he came in, just so he could get his mojo up." 

That song was Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." 

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