April 24, 2014
6:27 pm
by Ian Rambo posted Mar 26 2014 2:50PM
This burger takes burgers to a whole new level. A restaurant called Mister Eaters in Preston, England is now serving a hamburger where one of the patties has another ENTIRE CHEESEBURGER stuffed inside it.

They take a regular cheeseburger with the bun...surround it with more burger meat...then grill the whole thing.

Then they stack that monstrosity plus two MORE regular burger patties on four buns, with cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

It comes to at least 10,000 calories, and they're selling it for $33 . . . although it's FREE if you finish it.
(Photo credit: Cavendish Press)
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by Ian Rambo posted Mar 24 2014 3:40PM
To me, this Summer looks like it'll have plenty of great movies coming out. X-Men: Days of Future Past is one of them at the top of my list. Here's the new trailer for the movie coming out on May 23rd!
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by Ian posted Mar 12 2014 4:17PM
If you're a serious movie buff, this might help you plan your next vacation.  Here's a list of four 'Movie Hotels You Can Actually Check Into':

"No Country for Old Men".  The Desert Sands Motel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  You'd have to be a SERIOUS fan to actually stay there though.  Trip Advisor rates it 1 out of 5, for stuff like "bed bugs" and "undesirable clientele."

"Groundhog Day".  The Royal Victorian Manor in Woodstock, Illinois.  Did I just burst your bubble?  Sorry . . . it's not really in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

 "There's Something About Mary".  The Cardozo Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.  It was the setting of the famous "hair gel" scene.  And it's owned by Gloria Estefan.

"Fargo".  The Hitching Post Motel in Forest Lake, Minnesota.  It's the one where William H. Macy's character was arrested.

You can check out the full list here: http://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/films/movie-hotels-you-didnt-know-you-could-check-into
by Ian posted Mar 3 2014 3:49PM
If you didn't get to watch The Academy Awards last night, here it is in only two minutes.
by Adam Osgood posted Feb 17 2014 11:20AM
Growing up how could you not love the Back to the Future trilogy. Hoverboards, Sports Almanacs, avoiding kissing your mom at her prom, and self tying shoe laces! While we still don't have Hoverboards or Sports Almanacs, it looks like come 2015 we will have self tying shoe laces. Nike released a limited number of the shoes as a benefit to Michael J. Fox's Foundation to find a cure for Parkinson's Diseaseback in 2011, but next year it looks like everyone might have a chance to get their hands, or feet, on them. No word yet on the price tag, but my guess is you might want to start saving now. Besides, wouldn't hurt to have some loose change in the savings account incase the Hoverboard ever actually gets made..

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by Ian Rambo posted Feb 14 2014 2:52PM
The Band Perry's We Are Pioneers Tour with Easton Corbin & Lindsay Ell is coming to the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center on February 15th, and the Big Show had a chance to talk with Easton Corbin:

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by The Big Show posted Feb 14 2014 2:48PM
The Band Perry's We Are Pioneers Tour with Easton Corbin & Lindsay Ell is coming to the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center on February 15th, and the Big Show had a chance to talk with Lindsay Ell:

by Ian posted Jan 16 2014 1:52PM
Pizza is one of my favorite foods. When I order a pizza, there's almost always left overs. I'm not sure how you eat your left over pizza, but I prefer to re-heat mine, usually by putting it in the microwave. And now, my life is forever changed for the better.

No longer will I have a soggy crust from a re-heated slice of 'za because the best way to re-heat left over pizza is in a skillet. I don't know why this has never occured to me until now...I make grilled cheese sandwiches in a skillet, and they're delicious. Use the same process on a slice of pizza, and you get a left over slice that has a crisp crust!

How do you know when it's done? When the cheese is melted...It's that simple. Try it for yourself, and enjoy!

by The Big Show posted Jan 10 2014 10:30AM
Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore, and Kacey Musgraves are coming to the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center on January 19th, and the Big Show had a chance to visit with Hillary from Lady A:

by Ian Rambo posted Dec 24 2013 10:39AM
Here's a pretty cool video mash up of what Country artists sang about in 2013. Apparently, a bunch of dudes sang about trucks, driving down old dirt roads, begging girls to get in to their trucks, they only wanted girls wearing tight jeans, drove the girls to the nearest river bank, the sunset/moonlight made it romantic, and there was always alcohol to loosen things up...
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