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Animal Cracker Day!!

So, how does one celebrate National Animal Crackers Day, by discussing how you eat them of course. Do you bite the head and legs off first, eat it all at once, or nibble a piece off at


Another holiday has come around and with that themed candy. We all have our favorites, Jo’s Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, and Ian loves Cadbury Creme Eggs. Check out this LIST to see where your favorite candy lands!

Feel Good News 7/31/15

If you’re going to scam someone out of a few grand, why not target confused senior citizens like most con artists? It seems CRAZY to rip off the most PSYCHOTIC and DANGEROUS terrorist organization in the world.

Feel Good News 7/30/15

An eight-year-old from Baltimore named Zion Harvey developed a bad infection when he was two, and had to have both of his hands AND feet amputated. But now he’s the first kid in the world to get

Feel Good News 7/29/15

A mailman named Ron Lynch was in the middle of his route near Salt Lake City recently, when a 12-year-old named Matthew Flores asked if there was any extra JUNK MAIL he could have. It turned out