Pet of the Week


It’s Fursday: Meet Tulip!

Tulip is a 2 year old Terrier/American Pitbull mix who is full of energy! If you are active, she is your dog. She loves to play catch or tug of war and is ready to learn new


It’s Fursday: Meet Moose!

This is Moose! He is a 2 year old German Shepherd mix and he’s a big pup! He is full of energy and and loves to play ball: chasing, fetching, and just carrying one around in is


It’s Fursday: Meet Jessie!

Jessie is a 2 year old Shepard mix who doesn’t immediately warm up to strangers, but after spending some time with her she will be the most loving companion you’ve ever had. Jessie is typically very well


It’s Fursday: Meet Truffles!

Truffles is a shepherd mix who is still very much a puppy! He is full of energy and LOVES to play! Truffles is always happy see his friends and meet new people with lots of tail wagging


It’s Fursday: Meet Magnus!

Magnus is a 1 year old Bernese Mountain Dog who is extremely curious! Magnus loves to sniff everything and explore his surroundings. Since he came in as a stray, his house hold habits are unknown at this


It’s Fursday! Meet Zoua

This is Zoua, a 1 year old white terrier/American pitbull mix who is very active and full of energy. She absolutely loves to play with toys, human companions, other pets, and loves scratches behind her ears. Zoua


It’s Fursday: Meet Epona Lea!

Just under two years old, Epona Lea is a tan colored medium sized mixed breed pup! She is shy at first but once she gets comfortable with you, she is as playful as it gets! Chase is


It’s Fursday: Meet Cedric!

Cedric is a 1 year old German Shephard mix who is very shy and timid around new people and places. Cedric is very well mannered and listens excellently. He has lots of love to give and would


It’s Fursday: Meet Delilah!

 Delilah is a 10 month old Shepherd Mix pup with lots of energy and a love to play! If you have tennis balls or something to chase, she will be your new best friend! Delilah also knows


It’s Fursday: Meet Koi!

Koi is a 10 month old cat who is shy at first, but after a little time, he comes out of his shell and socializes. He loves to be petted and to be given attention as long