March 1, 2015
12:46 am
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A new survey asked people what foods they're getting sick of.  And some of the results are a little surprising.The poll was based on foods people are sick of hearing about on social media . . . mainly because people keep posting photos of their food online.  Here are the seven foods we're sick of hearing about:
I'm probably the world's worst gift wrapper. Usually I just use a gift bag & maybe some bunched up tissue paper. If you're like me can't wrap a gift to save your life, maybe this can help.

A new study had women name the worst gifts their husband or boyfriend could buy them.  Here are the top 11...
Rolling Stone has released their list of the Top 40 Country Albums of 2014. Click to see who made the Top 10.
Taste of Country released their annual "Top 10 Country Songs of the Year".  They put "Meanwhile Back at Mama's" from Tim McGraw & Faith Hill at the top, and Luke Bryan's "Play It Again" at #2. Click to see the full list.
Taylor Swift was spotted in New York City rocking a cotton/chiffon/crochet layered three-shirt style, a Scrabble-letter name necklace and waterfall-with-pigtails hair. And braces. And glasses.
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