Eddie Thinks His Son Is Ripping Off Their Neighbor

Eddie’s 10-year-old son got a job from their neighbor, and he thinks he’s ripping them off!

Eddie’s 10-year-old son got his first job walking their neighbor’s dog twice a day. Out of his four children, he shared that his 10-year-old is the most responsible, so he’s not worried about him not completing the job well. The neighbor wants him to walk their dog around their neighborhood twice a day and let him come up with the price. He asked his neighbor for $5 per walk, which comes out to $10 a day. They agreed and now he’ll be making $10 a day five days a week! He shared that the first thing he’s going to do with his money is buy a pair of sneakers he wants, which he’ll have enough money for after walking the dog for two weeks!

Eddie thinks he’s ripping their neighbor off and is getting paid too much. He’s thrilled he has a job and is saving his money to buy things he wants, but also thinks a 10-year-old getting that much money weekly is a little too much. He’s thought about possibly taxing his son on the money so he can understand that in the real-world people get money taken out of their paychecks for taxes. But he’s going to monitor how he saves and spends his money, and if he gets the job done and spends it on responsible things, he’s happy for him!