Lunchbox Got Parking Ticket For Parking In Wrong Direction

Lunchbox doesn’t have a driveway and only has street parking in front of his house. He parks on the street all the time and depending on which way he comes in from the neighborhood, he parks in front of the house and has never thought about which way his car was facing. But the other day he had a $70 ticket for parking the wrong way because you’re supposed to face north on one side of the street and south on the other side. He’s parked like that for years and has never had a problem before. He thought it was ridiculous that with all the crime that happens around Nashville, they shouldn’t be worried about him parking on the wrong side of the street in a residential neighborhood.

If he fails to pay the ticket, he will have a warrant. He needs to pay the amount in 45 days but wants to make a stance and is considering going to court and represent himself and fighting the charge. If unable to collect, he has a penalty of up to five days in jail and $10, which the show thinks he should do, and he’d get the time off for work. Bobby Bones said he would give Lunchbox $1,000 if he does not pay the ticket and goes to jail for five days. If he gets handcuffed right in the courtroom, he’d pay him $1,200 and if he screams “Justice for America” on his way out, he’d pay him $1,500. Lunchbox does not feel like he did anything wrong and will let us know what he chooses to do soon!