Paul Walter Hauser joining Major League Wrestling for Battle Riot event

Courtesy MLW

If you think you’ve heard the name Paul Walter Hauser a lot lately, you’re not wrong: After winning an Emmy for Apple TV+’s Black Bird, he’s not only snagged the lead in the forthcoming Chris Farley biopic, he’s also been cast in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Fantastic Four film. 

And now he’s stepping into the pro wrestling ring. 

Hauser has joined Major League Wrestling and will participate in its June 1 event Battle Riot VI. The match will stream for free on YouTube. 

According to the wrestling league, the fray is a “mash-up of a battle royale and anything goes street fight, this super-sized main event will feature 40 of the fiercest wrestlers on the planet with new participants entering the ring every 60 seconds.”

Hauser has been taking his wrestling career seriously, “training and competing since November 2023, while making high-profile appearances in film and television,” according to MLW. 

In the announcement, the I, Tonya star commented, “While some could misconstrue this to be an actor making a cameo in wrestling, or a fan checking off some bucket list or wish fulfillment — don’t get it twisted. I am entering to prove myself worthy of a spot in the world of wrestling, as well as a shot at Satoshi Kojima‘s World Heavyweight Title.”

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