Abby Wants To Hire Eddie for Big Concert Gig

Last week, The Bobby Bones Show learned the DM Abby received about a big concert opportunity was actually real and not a scam.

People from WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca reached out to Abby asking if she could book a headliner, host, and open the Firestone Grand Prix of Monterey in June all for $50K. At first, everyone thought the DM was a scam and couldn’t possibly be real with that big of a money amount tied to the ask. However, it turned out to be real.

Abby updated the show that she booked George Birge to headline and she will be opening up the show, along with hosting. She’s paying Birge $30K and the other $20K is going to herself. She will have to use the $20K to book her travel accommodations along with a guitar player for her performance. Today (May 15), she asked Eddie if he was available to come out as her guitar player. After learning how much Abby is making, Eddie said he wouldn’t do it unless he got paid $10K, but then he came down to a “reasonable” $8K. Abby told him that she was willing to pay $3K as her final offer and he has 24 hours to make a decision.