Show Members Share Things Considered TMI

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared things in their life that are too much information!

  • Amy – She started using testosterone cream because she has low testosterone. She puts it behind her knee so it has less chance of touching someone else because that would be bad. It’s supposed to help her with brain fog.
  • Eddie – Every morning he blows a handful of snot out of chest and nose. It’s probably related to allergies.
  • Lunchbox – He likes to eat his toenails and fingernails and when his wife trims her toenails, he’ll eat one of hers, so she is a part of him.
  • Bobby Bones – He’s had to find a cleaning solution for the walls at his house because his dog, Stanley, likes to sit by the wall after he goes to the bathroom and leaves streaks on it.
  • Morgan – Her cat likes to sit on her lap when she goes to the bathroom. She can’t stop her and it’s the only time she wants to bond.
  • Raymundo – He uses women’s deodorant. He was out one day so he tried his wife’s, and it was unscented, so it didn’t have a girly smell to it, but he found it was better than guy’s deodorant.