Amy’s Pile: Baskin-Robbins’ Turkey Ice Cream Cake Is Back For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about turkeys, but turkey meat isn’t for everyone. Ice cream cakes on the other hand tend to make everyone at the table happy.

Baskin-Robbins decided to bring back their turkey ice cream cake for all the ice cream lovers this holiday season. Their turkey looks straight up like a turkey, colors and all. It feeds eight to 12 people and can be found at any Baskin-Robbins store nationwide or online here through the month of November for around $33.

The turkey features a caramel praline “glaze,” two sugar cone “legs,” and a bed of frosting “garnish” to finish off the look. The turkey is available in one of 15 ice cream flavors from Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup to Very Berry Strawberry.

When you get the tasty treat, make sure to watch Baskin-Robbins video on how to cut it without “too big” of a mess.