Nick Wayne & Hannah Ellis Perform Cover Of “If The World Was Ending”

New artists Nick Wayne and Hannah Ellis stopped by The Bobby Bones Show after their cover of “If The World Was Ending” was posted on social media.

Kailey Dickerson, the wife of artist Russell Dickerson, was on The BobbyCast along with Russell and shared with Bobby Bones the cover of the song. She said that she loved the original, but the cover is even better than that in her opinion. So Bones decided to give it a listen and had it on repeat for several days, he really enjoyed it.

Bones decided to bring on Wayne and Ellis to the show to perform their cover live and learn about how the cover came about. First we found out that Wayne and Ellis are in a relationship and they were together one day when Ellis showed Wayne the song. Shortly after, artist Devin Dawson texted Wayne about the song and how much he loved it. Their videographer friend heard about everyone liking the song and said he would be up for shooting a video of them doing the cover.

Wayne said that all of the pieces just fell together and it worked out. Watch Wayne and Ellis do their cover of “If The World Was Ending.”