Lunchbox Won’t Return To Favorite Restaurant After Privacy Incident

Lunchbox loves to go eat at restaurants in town around Nashville. Some may know, others may not, but Lunchbox is quite the “foodie.” There is one restaurant in particular by his house that he and his wife frequent. They have one of Lunchbox’s favorite dishes so they dine in or take out from there a lot.

Turns out, some of the servers recognize him there. While Lunchbox and his wife were grocery shopping, a server from the restaurant came up to them. The server confessed he knew Lunchbox was from The Bobby Bones Show and he loves the show. He went on further to confess that after Lunchbox left one night, the server rushed over to the other server’s table to find out Lunchbox’s real name.

The incident freaked Lunchbox out, so much so that he doesn’t want to go to the restaurant at all anymore. He says he feels violated. Others on the show say it’s really not that big of a deal and he should still eat there.