Eddie & Morgan1 Battle It Out With Talent, Trivia, & Speeches For CMA Award

Eddie and Morgan1 finally battled it out for who was going to take home The Bobby Bones Show’s CMA Awards trophy next Wednesday (November 13) night.

The Bobby Bones Show was nominated for a CMA Award for Best Syndicated Radio Show and normally when the show wins awards only Bobby, Amy, Lunchbox, and Eddie actually receive trophies. The rest are given plaques from Bones due to there not being enough trophies to give out to the full show.

Morgan1 was one of the people who worked hard on the project to hand in for the nomination of the award, and Eddie told her while she was working on it that she deserved to have a trophy too. He went further to tell Morgan1 that he would give her his if the show did win. Then it turns out, the show won, and Eddie didn’t want to give up his trophy.

So to make things fair, Bobby had Eddie and Morgan1 compete in the CMA Award Olympics where there were three categories: talent, trivia, and speeches. Morgan1 ran away with talent and trivia beating out Eddie, so then the speeches just turned into a fun moment. Morgan1 won overall with her scores and gets to take home the trophy whenever Eddie receives it.