The Show Finally Got Potatoes From Potato Man In Tennessee

During The Bobby Bones Show’s Post-Show, Pre-Show of their On-Demand podcast, Lunchbox brought up a person that he recently bought food from that was a little odd.

Lunchbox was told about the “Potato Man” in Nashville. He was a man who made homemade potatoes, promoted on social media where he would be, and then sold the different potatoes out of his car. After tracking him down one day, Lunchbox couldn’t stop raving about him. The situation got brought up during The Post-Show, Pre-Show and everyone was curious to try out these “delicious potatoes.”

The show called Chef Ralph, known as Potato Mountain 615 on Instagram, and he said he would bring some fresh potatoes of different varieties to the studio. After a few days, the timing worked out and Chef Ralph showed up after yesterday’s show (November 6) to bring everyone potatoes.

Turns out the potatoes really are all they’re cracked up to be, everyone on the show got one and loved their flavor. If you want potatoes when you’re in Nashville, just follow him on social media. He’s also up for traveling to other places for catering gigs.