Amy’s Pile: Pringles Selling Kit Of Thanksgiving Flavored Chips

Thanksgiving comes in many different forms. For most people, it happens at lunch or dinner and families gather around the table to eat all of their favorite meats and holiday side dishes.

But, if that isn’t the right situation for you, Pringles has you covered. They brought back their Thanksgiving Flavored Chip Kits again for another year, but this time it’s bigger than before.

The Friendsgiving Feast Kit features the Turducken Stack which is chicken, duck, and turkey-flavored chips that can be stacked together to create the infamous Turducken. You can also get your side tastes in with Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing, and Pumpkin Pie-flavored crisps in the kit.

If you want one, the kits go on sale today at 12:00/11:00 AM CT on Kellogg’s website. There’s only a limited number of sets available!