Everyone Is Feeling Old With Recent ‘Time Marches On’ Moments

Everyone has a moment where they stop and think “Wow I’m getting old”! There are certain things that show you you’re not as young as you used to be and we all experience them! All of us at the Bobby Bones Show have had one of those feeling recently. Below are our “Time March’s On” moments.

Bobby: Bobby was recently at a gas station when he was standing behind a guy buying beer. Bobby swears the guy looked about 15 years old but then again, it could just be that Bobby is getting old!

Amy: Recently Amy has been having some back pain and the other day she had a sneezing fit at home that was sending pain through her back. So she got down on the floor in an awkward fetal position to make sneezing more comfortable!

Lunchbox: Lunchbox and his wife recently went to a restaurant with live music. They were seated a little too close to the live band where they found it hard to hear. After about 10 minutes they asked their waiter if it was okay to move further from the band because it was too loud!

Eddie: Eddie loves to go golfing and recently he decided to buy new golfing shoes. While at the store he was finding a lot of really stylish, cool looking shoes but they weren’t very comfortable. So he decided to buy the less cool looking more comfortable shoes!

Raymundo: Raymundo recently needed work done on his car so the guy at the shop said they could give him a cool sporty car to drive around in OR he had an older Sedan that gets 30 MPG. Raymundo went with the better mileage versus the cooler look!

Morgan2: Morgan2 is only 25 years old so she joked that she isn’t quite there yet. She has yet to experience one of those “I feel old” moments!