Johnny Galecki Plays Drums For Randy Houser During Album Release Party

New year, new album. Randy Houser‘s fifth full-length studio album, Magnolia, is set to arrive on January 11th, but fans got a first listen of the album as the country star performed some of his new material live for fans at his iHeartRadio Album Release Party (Jan. 9).

Magnolia follows 2016’s Fired Up and showcases twelve new songs, including his single “What Whiskey Does” (featuring Hillary Lindsey) and other previously released tracks like “No Good Place To Cry,” “New Buzz,” “High Time,” “Mamma Don’t Know,” and “No Stone Unturned.”

During his iHeartRadio Album Release Party, hosted by Big Bang Theory‘s Johnny Galecki, Houser performed several songs from Magnolia, in addition to some fan favorites from previous albums like “How Country Feels,” “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight,” “Like A Cowboy” (which he dedicated to the U.S. military), “Boots On,” and more.

One of the highlights of the show was when Johnny Galecki got behind the drums to help his good friend perform “No Stone Unturned.” Before performing “No Stone Unturned,” Houser opened up about the song and revealed that Galecki had played drums while making the track on a weekend the actor came to visit his buddy in Nashville.

Fun fact, Randy and Johnny (Rohnny?) met while Houser was on his tropical honeymoon three years ago with his wife Tatiana. Now, they are the two best friends that anyone could have.

Houser also opened up about putting together and releasing his new album Magnolia, performing, and what it means to him. He told fans, “It is a little bit scary. It was scary. [I] kind of feel like, you know, I came to Nashville, I’ve been sitting on bar stools playing music since I was a kid and so I’m scared to do that again. I just think it’s important to be you and keep that thing.”

Randy Houser’s iHeartRadio Album Release Party Set List

“How Country Feels” (How Country Feels)

“What Whiskey Does” (Magnolia)

“Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” (How Country Feels)

“No Stone Unturned” (Magnolia)

“Like a Cowboy” (How Country Feels)

“We Went” (Fired Up)

“High Time” (Magnolia)

“No Good Place to Cry” (Magnolia)

“Mamma Don’t Know” (Magnolia)

“Boots On” (Anything Goes)