Midland Shares Their Mustache Inspirations

All three guys in Midland rock a mustache, and so we wondered if they had any mustache mentors or inspirations. Jess Carson says, “We each have our own. Everyone who grows a mustache starts with a picture of somebody that they see with a mustache and they say, ‘That’s the mustache I want.’ Mine was Paul McCartney, for whatever reason. He just had the perfect mustache.”

Mark Wystrach’s fascination with mustaches started when he was a kid. He says, “When I was born my dad had a mustache. My dad was a fighter pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps, so my greatest mustache influence is my dad, Colonel Michael Wystrach. Also, Magnum P.I.”

Cameron Duddy’s mustache is a result of peer pressure. He says, “These guys make me grow this mustache.  Jess said the other day, ‘You’re a five without facial hair and you’re a 10 with facial hair.’ Isn’t that rough?”

But if he had to pick a mustache influence, Cam says, “Sometimes I go for a mustache goatee combo. Robert Plant rocked that look the best.”

You can see Midland and their mustaches in their latest video for “Burn Out,” which was shot in one continuous shot at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth.