Amy Told Listener “No” To Taking Pictures With Her Kids

Amy was at one of our show events where Bobby, Eddie, and Ray were making an appearance. Amy and her husband, along with her kids came along to support them. While there, a listener stopped Amy and asked for a photo and Amy had no issue with it. Until the listener proceeded to ask if her kids can also be in the photo.Amy respectively declined but felt guilty and rude afterward. She asked the show for their thoughts on if she did the right thing.Listen below to Amy describe the situation.
Bobby says that the listener wasn’t wrong to ask the question since Amy has brought them into the spotlight through the show and social media, however, it is ultimately Amy’s decision because they are her kids.Lunchbox said that it was rude and because of how much she posts about them and brings them into the public eye she should have said yes.

he is obsessed w his “tough face” right now. ????

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tonight. #ootd ????

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Let us know your thoughts on this situation on our Facebook page. Either way, we love seeing pictures of the kids and would hate to longer see the adorable family moments.