TMSG: Monday, March 5th’s Tell Me Something Good Stories

Bobby’s – 

Workers at Kimberly Clark in Kentucky were so affected by the floods that they weren’t able to get lunch delivered to them after being water-locked for two days. So Stuart Snow decided to round up some Donatos Pizza and a helicopter and delivered the pizza by helicopter to the 17 employees. 

Amy’s –
The couple who decided to sell everything and buy a boat to sail around the world, ended up having their boat sink on the 1st day. After the story was published on the Internet, a retired man decided to let the couple buy his boat from them for a whopping $1.

Lunchbox’s –
Mark Maltz in Michigan was buying lottery tickets at his local gas station. After buying the first one at and getting a $10 win then buying another for a $15 win, Maltz tested his luck one more time. Lucky for him he did, on this third lottery ticket, he won $325K.