“America’s Got Talent” Recap: Extreme Acts Perform Death-Defying Stunts

Trae Patton/NBC(NEW YORK) — America’s Got Talent returned from Los Angeles on Tuesday with an “Extreme” episode, featuring daredevils, dancers and acrobats performing death-defying stunts.

Tuesday’s showcase included a man who covered himself in fireworks and a team of daredevils who drove a bus through a wall of other buses.

Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, Heidi Klum and Mel B were back behind the judges’ table to offer their opinions and decide which acts would advance.

Here’s a rundown of some of Tuesday’s highlights:

Metal Mulisha performed a series of dangerous motorcycle jumps, spinning through the air. The judges loved the act. Howard noted that he’d never seen a more dangerous stunt. Heidi said the act was “terrifying” and “made her sick to her stomach.” Mel B noted that even though they were crazy, she wanted more in a “sickly way.” They racked up four “yeses” from the judges and advanced in the competition.

Fly-boarder Damone Rippy, 16, took up the sport, which involves attaching a water jet pack to his feet, a couple of years ago. His goal is to turn others on to the sport, and he convinced the judges. Howard noted Rippy looked like Iron Man, describing the act as “futuristic.” Heidi compared Damone to a “kite on a string.” Mel B loved the act, adding that Rippy was “cute” too. Howie was impressed by the strength and balance involved. The stunt earned four “yeses” and Rippy moves on to the next round.

Base-jumper Cliff Ryder jumped out of a helicopter from three thousand feet. During his stunt, he faced unexpected wind gusts, but nailed the landing anyway. Nerves were on edge, though, as he dangled dangerously from the copter’s struts and fell perilously towards the ground. Howard thought the stunt was “extraordinary” and Ryder was “brave.” Heidi added “thrilling” to the list of superlatives. Mel B said the daredevil took her on a “roller-coaster ride.” Howie declared it was “dangerous” and “thrilling.” Four “yeses” later, Cliff was on his way to the next round.

Wally Glenn, aka Pyro Boy, covered himself in fireworks and danced around the stage as they went off. Stern declared Pyro Boy “legally insane,” but liked him anyway because he made him laugh. Howie disagreed, hitting his buzzer. Mel B was “confused.” Heidi also gave Glenn a thumbs-up. Wally got three “yeses” to advance to the next round.

Dr. Danger’s Daredevil All Stars are an oddball collection of guys, including one who survived being run over by a train. Dr. Danger himself suffered a nearly career-ending injury a year ago. They drove a school bus through two other buses placed upright to form a wall. Mandel liked the act, explaining he “loves stupid.” Mel B noted they performed stunts that were “so crazy and so out there,” and she loved it. Klum called it “larger than life.” Stern noted “with all due respect” that the guys were “dopes,” but joined the other judges in saying “yes” to move them on.

The show also included some tamer acts:

Colombian-born Daniella Mass, 22, was born with a pulmonary defect and underwent heart surgery when she was six months old. The opera soprano performed “Con Ti Portiró” (“Time to Say Goodbye”) and brought the audience and all four judges to their feet. Klum called the performance “jaw-dropping.” Mel B was “floored” by the piece. Mandel told the young singer, who’s been in America for only a year, that, “With that sound and that song, you just made this your home.” She got four “yeses” and moves on to the next round.

Wyoming native Aiden Sinclair is former con-man-turned-magician. He taught himself magic during a five-year stint in prison. He started off by asking Howard to think of a person, without revealing the identity. Sinclair then took a deck of cards and turned one of them face-down, telling Howie to hold the deck in plain sight. Howard was then asked to reveal the identity of the person he was thinking of — which turned out to be his mother — call her, and ask her to name a playing card. She picked the 10 of hearts, the same card Aiden had turned over earlier. Howard thought the trick was “amazing.” Heidi added “spectacular.” Mel B noted Sinclair made the trick fun to watch. “Yes” was the verdict from all four judges and Aiden moves on to the next round.

Singer/dancer Hanako Matsuyama performed ballet while singing “God Bless America.” Stern, declaring he’s the only American on the panel, praised her patriotism. Mel B hit her buzzer, explaining that she didn’t go for the combination of the singing and dancing. Heidi also pressed her buzzer, noting that Hanako moved gracefully and her singing “wasn’t bad most of the time,” but it wasn’t a million-dollar act. Mandel loved the routine. He and Stern voted “yes,” but Heidi and Mel B said “no,” preventing Hanako from moving on.

America’s Got Talent airs again next Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC

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