Brain Bender Trivia


Put your knowledge of random facts to the test, or just give it a guess weekday mornings at 8:20 for The Big Show’s Brain Bender Trivia. If you’re the first to call in with the correct answer, you’ll win a FREE dozen donuts from Jerry’s Cakes & Donuts.


Recent Trivia questions & Answers:

Friday, May 22nd:

Question: 63% of people have one of these at home, what is it?

Answer: Scale

Thursday, May 21st:

Question: 82% of people who own a home have one of these.

Answer: A welcome mat

Wednesday, May 20th:

Question: 67% of men have done this to impress their significant other, what is it?

Answer: Shave their chest

Tuesday, May 19th:

Question: Men are about 4 times more likely than women to lose THIS. What is it?

A: Their hearing

Monday, May 18th:

Question: According to NASA, the perfect one of these lasts 26 minutes. What is it?

Answer: A nap

Friday, May 15th:

Question: 1/3 of Americans have one of these but never tell anyone. What is it?

Answer: A secret email account.

Thursday, May 14th:

Question: 1 in 3 people do this every day they work, what is it?

Answer: Bring their lunch to work

Wednesday, May 13th:

Question: 5% of American workers over the age of 35 have to do this at work while 11% of American workers under 35 have to do it, what is it?

Answer: Dress up

Tuesday, May 12th:

Question: Over one million were sold last year, but 75% will never be used, what are they?

Answer: Workout Videos

Monday, May 11th:

Question: 35% of adults say they still look forward to doing this every day.

Answer: checking the mail

Friday, May 8th:

Question: Over 50 Percent of women don’t allow their man to do this around the house. What is it?

Answer: Laundry

Thursday, May 7th:

Question: The world record price for one of these is over 14 million dollars, you most likely have one and didn’t pay anywhere close to that, what is it?

Answer: License Plate

Wednesday, May 6th:

Question: 20% of women have this in their purse and it didn’t cost them anything, what is it?

Answer: Mint from restaurant

Tuesday, May 5th:

Question: The average person consumes more than 350 pounds of this a year, what is it?

Answer: Soda Pop

Monday, May 4th:

Question: The average age of this item found in your house can be as much as 2 years old. What is it?

Answer: Salad dressing

Friday, May 1st:

Question: This is the #1 habit of happy couples.

Answer: Going to bed at the same time

Thursday, April 30th:

Question: 23% of married women do this for their husbands everyday, what is it?

Answer: Pick out his clothes

Wednesday, April 29th:

Question: You’ll spend a whole year of your life doing this?

Answer: Washing dishes

Tuesday, April 28th:

Question: We do this almost 10% more than we did in the 80’s what is it?

Answer: Sit

Monday, April 27th:

Question: 2/3 of the world’s population has never seen this, what is it?

Answer: Snow

Friday, April 24th:

Question: According to a recent survey, women who do this say they are 20% happier.

Answer: Color their hair

Thursday, April 23rd:

Question: 40% Americans have never done it. What?

Answer: Go to the dentist.

Wednesday, April 22nd:

Question: The first one of these debuted in 1915 and are still used today, what are they?

Answer: Stop signs

Tuesday, April 21st:

Question: The average American eats 17 pounds of this a year, what is it?

Answer: Potato chips

Monday, April 20th:

Question: 10 % of men have never done it. What?

Answer: Worn a tuxedo.

Friday, April 17th:

Question: One in four of us regularly snacks here. Where is it?

Answer: The grocery store

Thursday, April 16th:

Question: The average American eats about 160 of these every year, what is it?

Answer: Bowls of cereal

Wednesday, April 15th:

Question: 2% of adults have never done this household chore, what is it?

Answer: Clean the refrigerator

Tuesday, April 14th:

Question: Most Americans don’t do it everyday until they’re over 40. What is it?
Answer: Take their vitamins.

Monday, April 13th:

Question: Americans spend an average of 5.9 hours per week doing this. What is it?
A: Cooking

Friday, April 10th:

Question: Between now and 7 tonight, 15 million of these will be sold in America. What?
Answer: Pizzas.

Thursday, April 9th:

Question: 80% of Americans have at least one of these but don’t fully appreciate them until the age of 25.

A: sibling

Wednesday, April 8th:

Question: There’s a 50/50 chance you have one of these in your bedroom is you’re an adult?
Answer: Night light

Tuesday, April 7th:

Question: Once purchased, nearly 20% of these are never used, what are they?

Answer: Postage Stamps

Monday, April 6th:

Question: Nearly 20% of people are thinking about this right now?

Answer: Quitting their job