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10,000 Calorie Burger has another cheeseburger inside of it!

by Ian Rambo posted Mar 26 2014 2:50PM
This burger takes burgers to a whole new level. A restaurant called Mister Eaters in Preston, England is now serving a hamburger where one of the patties has another ENTIRE CHEESEBURGER stuffed inside it.

They take a regular cheeseburger with the bun...surround it with more burger meat...then grill the whole thing.

Then they stack that monstrosity plus two MORE regular burger patties on four buns, with cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

It comes to at least 10,000 calories, and they're selling it for $33 . . . although it's FREE if you finish it.
(Photo credit: Cavendish Press)
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Location : Preston
03/26/2014 2:50PM
10,000 Calorie Burger has another cheeseburger inside of it!
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04/03/2014 10:55AM
Gnarly burger
gnarly man
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